Thursday, September 22, 2016

"How to Flash Huawei Y336-U02 Y3c Firmware Stock Rom"

"How to Flash Huawei Y336-U02 Y3c Firmware Stock Rom" - Assalamualaikum all, now we will discuss about how to Flash Huawei Y336-U02 using computers, laptops and the like. so what you need first is a Laptop / Pc useful for primary tool Flash process Huawei Y336-U02, OK just us to the topic.

How to Flash Huawei Y336-U02
How to Flash Huawei Y336-U02

Tools and materials for Flash Huawei Y336-U02

  • Firmware Huawei Y336-U02 
  • Driver Usb Huawei Y336-U02 
  • SDA [Research download Upgrade] 
  • Everything is packed in one file, Take the file Here
Well after you download the file please make sure your phone is in a state of at least 50% charged just in case. then please follow the Instructions below:

Flash Tutorials Huawei Y336-U02

  1. After extracted please download and install the driver in advance, for Password firmware 12541254 
  2. Run Research Download with right click and select Run as administrator, and then follow the instructions below 

How to Flash Huawei Y336-U02
How to Flash Huawei Y336-U02
  1. Number 1 is the first thing that you press to load the firmware already diextrak earlier, so please press it and find where you where the earlier firmware. 
  2. if the first phase has been completed will appear as in number 2, it is a sign if the firmware successfully loaded, oo yes meloadnya usually a little bit old. 
  3. Once you do two things that are now heading No. 3, for which it should press after the firmware has been successfully terload perfectly. 
  4. after you press please remove your phone and remove the battery and press and usb input by pressing the Volume Up and Down, do not be released and then enter baterinya it will further kenomer 4. 
  5. number 4 means Flashing Huawei Y336-U02 are already well underway and will appear Passed after flash Huawei Y336-U02 is finished. 
  6. finished
Well that's a bit of info and tutorials from us may be useful for you all, if you want to ask please comment below to inquire about matters relating the way to Flash Huawei Y336-U02 is terimaksih Wassalamualaikum wr.wb
If it fails Install USB Driver read How to Cope failed Install USB Driver on Windows 8 and 10
Nb : If a problem occurs when initiating How to Flash Huawei Y336-U02 directly ask a commented as we were only able to help with the answer thanks.