Monday, July 3, 2017

How to Flash Huawei Honor 4X Che2-L11 to Repair Bootloop

"How to Flash Huawei Honor 4X Without PC" - Hello Friend How-Flash, this discussion of how to repair Huawei Honor 4X, softbrick, hang logo, using a flash. before knowing what it means flash, helps us learn more about flash first. So what is Flash? In an HP we can find a lot of problems such as bootloop, slow, softbrick and others. The most powerful way to overcome bootloop and the other is to do a flash. Well, so how flash is a way to do so flash on the successful smartphone.

After this we will discuss about what can make a smartphone damaged. We will discuss it put a question that could be damaged Smartphone Why ?. However, because this discussion is the Huawei Honor 4X. So, the question turns into Why Huawei Honor 4X can be damaged? You can be read below, lets go.

If we allowed too frequently invited to guess the weight of work and drain a lot of energy from the Huawei Honor 4X.

"How to Flash Huawei Honor 4X Without PC"
"How to Flash Huawei Honor 4X Without PC"
Maybe some are only used for normal activity and then suddenly just die and when turned on only stuck up in the logo. There is also a way, he try his past flash Huawei Honor 4X mistakes occur when the system is installed and then abruptly stopped when the installation is running, it can lead to a system installed to be imperfect, resulting softbrick or damage to the software. Furthermore, we will use the question What can be improved? Please continue to read, check it on.

Are this bootloop can be remedied?

Can greatly because most Huawei Honor 4X we fix using flash under way successful and alhamduliah until now we still have not worked up Huawei Honor 4X which were badly damaged and can not be flashed up. Yes maybe you could say we've never handled very badly damaged, but it is true anyway hehehe. The reason is that if only bootloop was not severely damaged but only minor damage only.

How to cope and improve bootloop?

Easy really really just follow the instructions below and then be sure to do it right and proper because it would be potentially more dangerous if there is a mistake or even a little bit can make even Huawei Honor 4X total die and irreparable. But do not worry need not be nervous because we had prepared a flash Huawei Honor 4X under way with so complete and easy to understand, speak Basmallah and let's begin.

First take Ingredients and tools bellow

Firmware flash Huawei Honor 4X
Nb: Make sure the battery is in a position containing at least 50% to make sure it does not run out, when the flash process Huawei Honor 4X starts later.

Tutorial How to Flash Huawei Honor 4X

  1. Make sure you have backed up all data from your phone.
  2. Download the Huawei Honor 4X .zip Firmware file above.
  3. Extract the firmware you has taked from huawei link. Copy the existing dload folder and place it into your MicroSD card [place in outside]. If just UPDATE.APP like in photo, you must create dload folder first then put that UPDATE.APP in dload folder.
    create dload folder
  4. Turn off your Huawei Honor 4X. Insert the memory card that contains the dload file earlier.
  5. Press both the Volume keys (VOL UP and DOWN) and then the power button until the progress bar upgrade software is displayed. Then you can release all the buttons.
    progres bar
  6. Wait until the progress bar finishes and restart your Huawei Honor 4X.
  7. If you finish Huawei MediaPad you will reboot and please wait a while, because booting after flash is usually a bit long.
  8. Done.
Nb: In case of error or lack of clarity in our tutorial, please directly comment on the column we have provided.

That's a little we can say on How to Flash Huawei Honor 4X without PC, if there is a problem please direct in form comments provided, thanks and Assalamualaikum wr.wb.