Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How to Flash OPPO F5 Without PC Simple Like that

"How to Flash OPPO F5 Without PC" - Hello Friend A-Flash, this discussion of how to deal OPPO F5, softbrick, hang logo, using a flash. before knowing what it means flash, helps us learn more about flash first. So what is Flash? In an HP we can find a lot of problems such as bootloop, slow, softbrick and others. The most powerful way to overcome bootloop and the other is to do a flash. Well so how flash is a way to do so flash on the successful smartphone.

After this we will discuss about what can make a smartphone damaged. We will discuss it put a question that could be damaged Smartphone Why ?. However, because this discussion is the OPPO F5 so the question turns into OPPO F5 Why ?, can be damaged, you can be read below, lets go.If we allowed too frequently invited to guess the weight of work and drain a lot of energy from the OPPO F5.

"How to Flash OPPO F5 Without PC"
Maybe some are only used for normal activity and then suddenly just die and when turned on only stuck up in the logo. There is also a way, he try his past flash OPPO F5 mistakes occur when the system is installed and then abruptly stopped when the installation is running, it can lead to a system installed to be imperfect, resulting softbrick or damage to the software. Furthermore, we will use the question What can be improved? Please continue to read, check it on.

Are OPPO bootloop F5 this can be remedied?

Can greatly because most OPPO F5 we fix using flash under way successful and alhamduliah until now we still have not worked up OPPO F5 which were badly damaged and can not be flashed up. Yes maybe you could say we've never handled very badly damaged, but it is true anyway hehehe. The reason is that if only bootloop was not severely damaged but only minor damage only.

How to cope and improve OPPO F5 bootloop?

Easy really really just follow the instructions below and then be sure to do it right and proper because it would be potentially more dangerous if there is a mistake or even a little bit can make even OPPO F5 total die and irreparable. But do not worry need not be nervous because we had prepared a flash OPPO F5 under way with so complete and easy to understand, speak Basmallah and please direct listening.

First download the firmware below.

Nb: Make sure battry insufficient to make flash under way if something happens kuwatir please fill to the brim, it would be better and safer.

Next follow the tutorial how flash OPPO F5 below

  1. Download the Firmware file which we provide above.
  2. Copy Firmware ColourOS UI with extention .ZIP has been Taked and then put in SDCard directly outside. Do not put in a folder.
  3. After that turn off your handphone.
  4. After your OPPO off press power botton and volume down at the same time
  5. Select the language when the initial entry ColourOS Recovery
  6. Log in to Recovery Colour OS
    Select Linguage
  7. Then select English or other languages ​​if appropriate. (Recommended English)
    1. If you done are offered a Recovery Menu.
    2. Before performing a flash or update, it is good please do wipe data reset. The trick please select Wipe Data factory is reset or similar to it, click and then select yes or ok.
    3. Well now is the time flash or firmware update.
    4. Select Install from storage devices.
    5. Choose From SD Card (for cause firmware in SDCard)
    6. Select Firmware OS that had be copied to SDCard directory.
    7. Then the flash process will begin immediately.
  8. After the upgrade / flash finish select Reboot and confirm select YES
  9. Wait for it to finish (the first boot usually rather old).
After doing way above the usual flash OPPO F5 will reboot by itself, but when it no reboot please directly select Color OS reboot on Recovery earlier. If you want to do things like wipe data factory reset or any other please do if you want to make sure OPPO F5 back to the initial condition when purchased new. But as a result of their own responsibility Yes.

If been completed on "how to flash OPPO F5" from us please leave a comment so that we are more motivated to be making the article again, if there is a lan please ask the following questions. If there is an error during the process of flash OPPO F5 direct please ask below so that we can instantly respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, thank you and good luck.